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Surely in that house you have learned that the use of a video door entry gives you security, that automatic blinds provide energy savings, and that an intelligent lighting system gives an attraction to each of the rooms.

And no, we’re not talking about science fiction. Although domotics presupposes a modern subject full of myths, there are a large number of people who have not yet decided to make automation a part of their daily lives.

What’s more, we could talk for pages and pages about what home automation is and how it works, but right now we consider it more important to know this: how does home automation improve the relationship with our family? How do you get along with your wife and children?

Find out how to build lasting and positive relationships through home automation and how it can help you bring safety and comfort to your loved ones. Improving your relationship with your family depends largely on what you do when you ask them for things. Parenting is linked to knowing how to ask and how to reward, so automation can help you avoid many problems.


When it comes to being at home, security is essential so that nothing happens to the children. You have to take precautions about who knocks on the door, that the children do not play with the stove, that they do not play with utensils and tools that could be dangerous and so on.

Have you noticed how high the sights or magic eyes put on the doors of the house or apartment? Naturally, no child is so tall that when they knock on the door they can look out to see that it is someone they know who can get in. With a smart house, it’s possible to know who’s knocking without even having to go to the foyer.

A video door entry system can show you who’s knocking on the door with multiple screens distributed throughout your home. When they knock quickly, you or your children can see who it is, whether they should open it or not, and open the door or ignore the knock.

To a large extent, for this to work, you must teach them how important their safety is. It’s not just that being on the street “doesn’t talk to strangers,” but that being at home doesn’t open the door to anyone they don’t know.

In the same way, in emergency situations such as earthquakes or fires, you can instantly deactivate the doors and their locks in order to put everyone in a safe area while waiting for the emergency services.


Although it is not advisable to leave children alone, nowadays daily activities demand moments when leaving home is inevitable, in fact there is a statistic that suggests that 40% of children are left alone at home at least part of the time. An intelligent home system ensures that you know your children are safe and sound when you’re not with them.

Whether it’s knowing who broke into the house or whether teenagers slipped away, smart home technology lets you know who opens the doors to the house. How? Through a system of smart alerts that can be received on the phone.

In addition, there are technologies with which you can see in real time what your children are doing, with this there will be no excuses when it comes to knowing who did the homework and who was playing video games or sleeping all afternoon.


A fire can occur at any time and under any condition. If this were to happen, your only concern at that time would be to keep your children safe. Most commonly, you pick up the phone, call the fire department, and then try to put out the fire with what you have within reach, such as a fire extinguisher or buckets of water.

Thanks to intelligence technologies, certain room doors and windows can be automatically closed as a way to cut off air circulation and limit the way the fire spreads, something you couldn’t do if you were inside the fire. This also ensures that everyone is evacuated and safe.

Also, in this same sense of prevention, having an intelligent lighting system can help you avoid fires because you left an incandescent bulb on and it exploded because of the activity. Incredible as this may seem, it could happen at any time so it’s ideal to be prepared.


A smart home is designed to automate tasks. Think of all the time you invest in a myriad of activities that are designed to keep your home safe or in constant savings. Those things to do take time away from you that you could be valuable and that your children need you in.

Automation substantially simplifies your life as a dad: you don’t have to get out of the car to open and close the garage door, so you can prevent theft or your children from doing something like stepping on the accelerator without knowing the consequences.

But by automating you can also discover the possibilities of spending quality time with your loved ones. Have a home theater and teach your kids titles that changed your life and let them share with you the movies that have transformed them. Automating is always an opportunity to start sharing new things.

Clearly implementing automation in your home is not just designed to benefit your children. If you don’t already have one, with the domotics you will get a house with which you can help, for example, your parents. Just as you simplify your tasks, they can do the same with theirs.

So now that you know what the benefits of home automation are, start developing a plan with which you can implement it at home. Do it with experts, who will help you along the way.