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Summer is here and with it we propose how to renovate your office space, because it is a good time for changes to take out all that is left over and bet on a new beginning. It’s the perfect time to breathe new life into your office.

Because you have to renew yourself to recharge your batteries and keep working with more energy. In office spaces it is also important to renew them from time to time so that we are in them as comfortable as possible.

And it may be the perfect time to apply the method and get a much cleaner space that will allow you to work more efficiently and without distractions. This is the perfect time to clean up and leave only the basics that we are going to use in our daily lives. But let’s go step by step because although cleaning is necessary, there are also other elements that you can include to renew your space.

Discard all that’s unnecessary

To be able to renew our space, the first thing you have to do is a good cleaning. You have been accumulating objects without ton nor they are and now your office appears crammed with papers, folders, pens. But a great majority of them are not necessary for your daily life.

So start by setting aside everything you don’t need and you can go outside. That way you’ll be left with a small group of things that you do need and should keep. Overloading the space makes our daily work difficult. A clean and tidy space will help you work much better and feel less stressed and more concentrated.


If you are thinking of renovating some of the office furniture, especially the tables, light colours are the safe bet. The trend towards pristine white is coming on strong and will help you to achieve a much brighter and wider space.

White is a perfect colour for office tables, especially if the space is not too large and if you want to make the most of light. The combination of white with pastel tones is also another bet that can give a new look to your office.

Few things but with personality

In the office it is better to reduce the objects to a minimum, so if you are going to have some personal objects, the best thing is that they are elements that really bring you happiness, that you like and talk about you and your personality. So choose well those objects that do deserve to be on your table or on your wall to talk about you and every time you see them you feel that you bring joy and security.


Every day we look for more spaces to breathe and enjoy a piece of nature even inside the office. Having plants close by gives us many benefits as well as helping to create a cozier and more pleasant space to work. Every day more and more companies fill up with green and it is not only because they improve motivation, they give joy and well-being.

Plants help to regulate the environment, providing humidity and can even absorb a large part of the radiation emitted by so many electronic devices together. Bet on them!

Commitment to sustainability and recycling

Because sustainability is an increasingly important subject for companies and employees, materials and decoration also seek to be sustainable. You can also apply it to your workplace and always look for the materials you use to be sustainable and recycle as much as possible in an orderly way.

Creating a small storage area near your workspace will help you to do this consistently. Reuse is also a great way to help reduce consumption and you can certainly do your bit there.

Breaking the monotony

No monotonous, colorful offices. Now the original offices are imposed, full of color and life. That’s why chairs can be different on the same table or you can put the colour on walls or vinyl that occupy a wall.

The offices stop being monotonous and boring places to become a space of decoration and where we feel as comfortable as possible. If your office is too serious, put some color on a wall or changing the chairs and you will see how you notice the difference in your mood and all who visit you.

These ideas help you when renewing your office space because it is always good to renew and start a new era with a change in our space helps us make a mental change. In this way the new challenges and needs that arise in our work and we will have a more positive attitude towards them.