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Shabby chic is an unusual combination of luxury and things that time has left its mark on. It is one of the most romantic and gentle styles. Some people consider it convenient for creating a cozy, homely and simple interior.

For the design of the bedroom, shebbi-chic is ideal. It allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere that contributes to a full rest.

Shabby chic can be translated as “shabby chic”. The founder of the style is an Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell – designer, designer, a big fan of antiques and flea markets. Rachel grew up in England, in a family where everything was soaked in the spirit of antiquity (her father was engaged in bukinistika, and her mother – restoration of toys).

Rooms that combined the coziness of country, the charm of the classics, the airiness and romanticism of Provence, vintage and modernity, quickly became popular and the shebby chic confidently walked around the world.

Today, shabby chic in the interior is.. Gentle light shades: boiling white, muted shades of mint, pink, light blue and beige. No aggressive and shouting shades, the color scheme should give a feeling of comfort, calmness, adjust to the romantic mood.

The aged furniture which sets a tone of an interior and guarantees hit in style. Baroque and rococo furniture is best for shebbies. Suitable furniture can be found in flea markets and antique shops or aged by yourself with the help of various decoration techniques.

Color spectrum

The colour scheme of style of a shabby chic light, consisting of gentle and quiet shades. Classic set of colors is considered to be different shades of white and cream, sky blue, pale lilac, dusty rose color, tender pink. The shades should appear to be burned out in the sun or slightly dusty.

Such a color solution allows you to visually increase the space, make it airy, light and filled with peace of mind. Light shades help to cope with stress, relieve tension and set up a pleasant rest, so the shabby chic is the ideal solution for the bedroom.

The light interior of a bedroom can be revived, having created an accent wall. As a rule, for this purpose choose a wall located at the bed headboard. Here it is possible to use vegetative ornaments, images of birds or angels or to order reproduction of a suitable canvas in style which will be drawn to you directly on a wall.

The bed

The bed is the central element of the bedroom and should be given special attention. Obviously, when choosing a bed, one should take into account the decor that will surround it and the size of the room. Shebbi-chic loves space, so do not put an excessively large bed in a small room.

The best thing for the interior in shabby style is a skillfully repainted forged bed in vintage style. An old bed from Grandma will look fashionable and appropriate.

The wrought iron bed is not suitable for the conceived design project? Courageously choose a model made of wood with an unusual headboard or a bed with a canopy.

The bed should be on the legs for maximum style matching. The space under the bed is ideal for storage and will be one of the decorative elements.


The ideal variant for a bedroom in style of a shabby chic will be light antique furniture with traces of “chafing”. However, if you can’t afford antiques, you shouldn’t despair, you can artificially aged furniture in the styles of Rocococo and Baroque, English classics. Country-style furniture and procession will also be appropriate.

Furniture in the bedroom is arranged as convenient for the owner. But it is important to take into account the area and geometry of the room. In small rooms, the bed is placed in the center of the room near the wall, and the rest of the furniture is placed around it.

Komodas are very popular in bedrooms of different styles, but in shebbi it is almost a must-have attribute. The chest of drawers should be painted to the bedroom’s color and have some defects: peeled paint, cracks on the facade.

Toilet table on curved legs with a mirror in a massive frame should be in any bedroom. It can be wooden, forged or a combination of several materials, the main thing is that the product meets the main characteristics of style: it was luxurious and old.

Paul, the walls and the ceiling

Finishing sets mood and tone of all bedroom, therefore it is important to consider subtleties and features of style.

The ceiling can be simply whitened, having decorated with moulding on corners. Light gilding of moldings is allowed. The greyish shade of the ceiling or the effect of a peeled whitewash will help to achieve the best match the style.

Decorative plaster, paint, pastel wallpaper or with a discreet pattern is suitable for wall decoration.

Roughly processed or unevenly painted, specially aged walls will look perfect. This effect can be achieved even with wallpaper, you do not need to tear off pieces or scratch the fabric, just look for an antique pattern.


The main requirement for the sources of artificial light in the bedroom is decorative, original and possibly luxurious design.

The central source of light can be a crystal chandelier with many pendants. It unusually diffuses light and adds a fairytale interior. An alternative to crystal can be an antique wrought iron chandelier.

On bedside tables will look great lamps with fabric lampshades with ruffles and bows. In the recreation area you can install a floor lamp with this design.

Shabby chic is a good combination of luxury and shabbyness. The style is inspired by vintage things, classic English interiors, things with history. The bedroom in style of the shabby chic is a pleasant echo of the past, boundless cosiness and sensation of airiness.